As you already have seen many examples of Tableau in my website. There are many sample project that easy to build. All these generated with Tableau. By the way i conducted Tableau learning tutorial. Click here to go this part. In this article we will discuss why tableau top BI tool ?

1 . Instant and Interactive Visualizations

Tableau offer to us drag and drop method. In this way you can easily provide an insight from your view. Because you just have to do a few click than your data viz is ready. Also Tableau can be work instanly while your working on data set. This mean is your data can be dynamic or can be change overtime. So you can easily uptade your project acc─▒rding to changing in data. Another point is that Tableau has very simple interface so that you use easiy.

2 . Integrates with Script Languages

While you are working with Tableau, there are basic calculations. But sometimes you may need to use R or Python software. In this case, tableau will accept many kind of languages. This will provide to you flexibity. So you don’t worry about languages type. Also sometimes you may need to use complex calculations in your data analytics. Again tableau will support to you in this situation. With calculated field, you can build complex calculations.

3 . Multiple Information Supply Connections

Tableau allow to us to connection with several information sources. Such as Hadoop, SAP or other technologies. This also provide to you more flexibity while you are working on data analytics. Just you need to that connect to your data from anywhere. And begin to analyze.

4. Easy To Use

As we always mentioned that tableau is not complicated software. You can easily learn and understand the its feature. After that, you can start to build your data visualization.

5. Colloboration (Team Friendly Tool)

When you dive into the Tableau world, you will be have a community as well. Tableau is an important BI tool in the busines life. So many employee uses tableau also share their tableau projects as well. You can easily create a dashboards. Then publish and share the them with your partners or co-workers. Keep in touch with your community learn and teach to they. Also users can access the software from anywhere with a mobile app. While your are going school and work, continue to explore the data visualizations.

6. High Performance

The most important feature of Tableau is its fast. Data can be handle with enormous amount of data. For example Microsoft Excel cannot cope with a lot of data. But Tableau is very good at in this job.

In this article we discussed why tableau is top BI tool ? As you already read, there are many features in Tableau so that you can easily use. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share and drop a comment.

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