Data analytics is useful for every human activities so, you can use data analytics everywhere in your life. For example while examining family budget or while looking your university scores or while you have a website to achieve your SEO goal. Thanks to data analytics technologies, you can implement your analysis immediately. Also these technologies is accessible to every internet user. Just you need to have passion to learn it. Today we will talk about most uses statistical analysis type, which is a/b testing. While you do a data analysis, you need to do this kind of tests so that you can get more accurate results.

What is A/B Testing ?

Generally A/B testing using for comparing two different content or design. This is great idea when you want to test of something’s effectiveness. The important part of A/B testing is that you should be tested by different groups. So you can easily measure which content or design is better for you.

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To run an A/B testing, you need to create two different versions of one piece of content with changes to a single variable. Then show these two versions to two similarly sized audience. Results of test will show you which content or design work better than the other one. In this way you can make better decision at the end of the day yours effectiveness will rise up. As you see in the above :

Visitor = Your audience

Nearly green people = one type of audience

The black people = another type of audience

Option A and Option B = Two different versions

Here is the results = %12 and %18

At this stage it is very clear that choosing Option A is more optimal.

In this short essay we discussed very basic manner that What is A/B Testing? and Why you should use this test. Thank you for reading guys if you liked this essay please drop a comment.

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