The books are important for humanity development. So while we are working on data analytics, we should feed ourselves with good books. Today i wan’t to suggest to you a bunch of data realated books. I wrote the down shor overview and i hope you will enjoy with this paper.

Big Data Practice

Bernard Marr

In this book you can easily observe that how companies use the big data for their business? The book is not technical so everyone can understan the point.

Intro To Data Minig

Data Mining and Analytics

Data analytics is complex process that begin with assembling data. So in this book you can learn data mining process, collecting right data, and data analytics.

Visualize Your Data

This book extremely important for understanding the dashboard sense. It’s include samples data visualizations and the book a bit technical but there so important key features.


The techniques of Hadoop

This is totally tecnical. As you knoe hadoop is a ecosystem that include big data process. Its very complecx issue but also this book inlcude very important knowledge about hadoop platform. If you interested in big data , machine learning dont miss this book.

Big Data

Big data revolution

This book provide us a academical perspective. You can understand the impacts of data revolution. Also you will different type of data patterns. Data can be messy or can be hard to get. So this book expands your data perspective.

Big Data Examples

The power of knowledge

I read this book in Turkish but i don’t know is there English version. This book small and very effective. The author describe the big data according to small stories. This is not a technical book but its shows the way of Big data.

Understanding the Big Data

Real Big Data World

This book also provide us real time examples. In the beginning we thought that like big data don’t visible. Thanks to this book you can understand How big data implemeted in real life business.

Big Data Works

Big Data Work

In this book you can learn ths basis of big data. It’s definition, It’s important features etc. The book is goog for owners of a firm or start up because its clearly why do we need big data analytics and how can it be apply in real business processes.