Data analysis is an important field in business. Many people improve their skills because of find out new job. Today we will talk about top 5 skills you need to do great analysis. So that you can find out a great job or you can upgrade your business status.

1. Develop Your Business Problem Solving

While you do an data analysis, you need to define your objectives. Then you should define the problem and think about that how you can solve this ? I mean, you should have a plan before started to analysis. Then you should define your patways to get proper result. Actually, this part related to analytics intelligence. You can improve this intelligence by solving small problems. Also you can play strategic games to develop your skills. Also you can find out sample business case to solve own your own. As a result, its all realted to having a plan and knowing what you do. After that you just need technical skills to finish analysis.

2. Develop Your Data Cleaning Skill

Real life data is always messy. You will face with, missed values, null values, etc. Or maybe the data will be arrange wrong order. All this problem is very common. So before you start you data analysis or visualization, you need clean your data. There are many ways to do that. For example, microsoft excel should be an option or Tableau prepbuilder is great as well. You shoudl choose one, and start to learn this. Because data cleaning skills are vital to get good result from your analysis.

3. Learn Best Tools

This section depens on you. If you are know programming language like R, you can use R studio to data analysis. Or if you are know Excel you can also do data analsis via this software. Or maybe you can develop your visualization skills you need to learn Tableau or Microsoft Power BI or Visme. But firstly understand your situation , determine your previous skills and choose your tool. I had wrote an article data visualization tools you can check out it from here.

4. Learn Data Visualization and Making Report

We are live in visual world. Many complicated topics can be understand by visual way. So when you are done with your data analysis, you need to transform it a visualization or a report. Because you will present your analysis to your boss or your friends etc. For a good presentation you need to know best visual practices and drawing report. If you want to learn Tableau visualization tool , I conducted a tutorial about that. You can check out it from here.

5. Keep Going To Learn During Your Life

This is very important because the techs always developing. Every day big data technologies growing. So you should be curious always . You need do reserach about your field. You need follow magazine related to your field. This is the golden rule for becoming good data analyst. Always be Curious.

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