Movies are than just a virtual world. A movie can tell us the reflection of real world, real life and thought of humanity. So its important for understanding some context. In this writing we will examine the movies that related to big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. As you will see that some scenes are already happened in our world. Also it will give us an idea what would be happen.

Neo and cyber intelligence


I already heard that you said its so common.But some movies doesnt become old. Matrix is a dystopia that include superintelligent AI system. We can observe in the movie dark side of AI tech. Do you think AI could be evolve such situation.

All about the data analytics


Brad Pitt is very good at this movie. The movie based on true story as well. Movie is about power of predictive analytics. The shows us the importance of data analytics in decision making. With data analytics they could choose right player to their team and provide an insight about their player’s condition.

Super mathematician

The Imitation Game (2014)

We all love Benedict. The movie is based on a true story which is about Alan Turing. He was a code broker. He and his team are heroes of the second world war. The story is about the solving cyrpto which is consist of intelligence. The team created a machine called Enigma that solving huge volumes of cyrpto.

The best data science movie

Minority Report

I admit that this movie really affected me. A data scientist team called PreCogs are able to predict future’s crime without it didn’t happened. Thus criminals could catch up quickly. Every detail were analyzed and according to results the criminals easily detected and got arrested. So anybody could be saved before crime or some bad things occured. This awesome power but the problem is how machine can be sure about the crime?

I think these movies helpful to understand how big data is powerful ? With big data analytics your team can be the best team ever, you firm can be beat the profit record or you can predict the stock prises so you can make money etc. This examples can be expand because big data analytic still a baby. We are in the middle of the big data revolution so still we learn. I hope this power turn into a dystopia . We will see in next years.