Data Visualization Tools

There are a bunch of data visualizaiton tools everywhere. But we need to focus on the best tools. What is the best tools for data visualization ? The Best tools means that its should be fast, easy to use and should be more capability. Nowadays, there are many new technology data visualization softwares. However we will focus on most used.

1.Tableau Desktop

This tools generated by Tableau Software. It is the top of the list because, its relatively affordable and the company offer free license for one year for students and teachers. The most important things about Tableau Desktop, its allows us to work with different types of data and its includes a lot of features about making graphs. Of course its easy to use and you can easily create calculated fields for your analysis.

2. Microsoft Power BI

Powet BI is great becuase again its relatively affordable and its allow us to working with complex datas. You can connect a lots of database server and you can pull up the data in your page. Power BI has alot of dashboard features so you can easily create a business report and dahboard in your work place. Plus you can use Microsoft ecocsystem advantages.

3. Google Charts

Google charst also great because its offer us to rich gallery, a lot of customizing options, HTML5 properties and free chart tools. Also google charts allow us to cretae dynamic dashbords. And its most features is free that means you can start know to creat visualizations.

4. Visme

Visme is increases their popularity day by day. Because its offer many tutorial about their software and its include enormous amount of data visualization options. We can exactly say that its close to graphic design. I mean that its rich for visulization options.