You have a data and you wanna expolre it. How do you do that using tableau ? It is not matter what type of data you have. Tableau desktop workflow is the same. The first step is, Connect tableau desktop to your data. Second, build visualizations with data to analyze it from all angles and drill into it more deeply. And last step is share your analysis in a visulization , dashboard, or story with your intended audience. In sumarize :

  • Connect
  • Analyze
  • Share

Lets look at these phase more detailly

1.CONNECT : To work with your data , you need to bring it into Tableau Desktop. So your first step is to connect tableau desktop to your data source.

When you have made a connection , you see it on the data source page, and you select which data you wan’t to work with it. For example if you connect the Excel file , you will need to specify the worksheet to use for the connection. Then, you get a preview of the data. In the preview , you see how tableau desktop has arranged and interpreted data, indetified the field names, and assigned data types. You will be able to make changes such as renaming the fields or creating groups, depending on how you wan’t to work with the data in your anlaysis. With the data connection made you are ready to work with data. But don’t forget desktop is only referencing data. So explore your data in the desktop workspace , and play with it as you wish.

2.ANALYSÄ°S : In the second part of the workflow , you will analyze your data within tableau. Desktop building environment , known as the workspace. Now you work with your data fields and use the workspace to query your data as you look for specific information.

In this section you can build data visualization just with drag and drop method. As you see above, there are dimesions and measures in left side. For example you can drag sales and drop to rows. After that again you can drag first name and drop to columns. Just like the below :

Also we have many option to specialize the our view. You can change the color and you can change the size and you can add tooltip. Thus your data viz will be more infromative and effective. The last thing that i wan’t to add , tableau desktop do many things with default. So it is very easy to use.

3.SHARE : When we have done with our visualization , we should the workflow with our audience. You can the dashboard as a packaged workbook. Which is called TWBX.file. This file can be open in tableau desktop or tableau reader. By the way tableau reader is totally free. Also you can share the workflow with tableau server.

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