Basicly, Business Analytics(BA) is a field that providing an insight from data. Another definition is working smart. As we know business life is more competitive than before. Also many company uses to improve their business skill. So Business Analyst do some data practical issues about work. And BA market growing day by day. According to some research, the Business Analytics market will reach $103.65 billion by 2025. It was $67 billion in 2019. That prediction is huge and there is no too much qualified employee in the world. So its the opportunity. You can improve your data analytics skills then you will have a chance to being in this market. There are many tutorials about business analytics in the internet. You can buy a course with an affrodable price. All you have to do is working hard and wants more than everyone. Because we are talking about the future. One day the future will be today. When its comes you should be prepare. In this article we will talk about how you can improve your BA skills for future.

How Was The Business Analytics In 2020

The 2020 was complicated. It is changed every part of life. The firms turned their face to online. Many workers began to work from home. The freelance market increased. Also many people lost their job. But don’t worry new works going to be appear in next years. As we mention above, business analytics one of them. So first of all you neeed learn the basis of data analytics. You can start with advanced excel skills. There are baunch of youtube channel that you can learn as free. I suggest to you simplilearn. Then you should choose a specific field to improve your skills. Such as:

  • Data Scienctist
  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketin Analyst Manager
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Retail Sales Analyst
  • Data Architect

All these field are very valid. So choose one and start working. Let’s talk about which tools is best to learn

Splunk: This tool is great for data visualization you can start with this. To know more check it the website

QlikView: This tool has very easy interface to use. So don’t miss this tools also.

Tableau: Tableau is the best tool to create avesone dashboards and to create complex calculated field. In my blog i started a tableau learning series. You can go there and start to learn the basis of tableau.

So don’t miss the future’s opportunities and start your data career in 2021. Please don’t forget the share this article.

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