Groups are an important functionality. A group lets you combine several members of a single dimension into categories. Creating a new dimension field that didn’t originally exist in your data. For example, when you have a dimenison that contains a detailed list of products, and you want to organize the products into categories. in this case the groups will be useful.

Groups can be created in the dimensions pane or in the view. The best way to evaluate how you would create your group, is to consider whether you have a large list of dimension members, or a short list. To create a group, just choose a dimension and right click on it. Then come to create and select the create group. In this period you wll see a window related to group. Then select which dimensions that you wan’t to group. And you can rename the group so you can find it easily.

I wan’t to talk about the image where is placed above. This windows allow us to group more detailly. For example, if your dimension data includes very large scale data, you can use find button to find what you want.

Another way to create groups is directly in the view. This is more effective when it comes to short data list. So you can manually select what you want to group together. You can either select the marks or select the labels.

You can create the groups directly in the view by selecting labels. To do this CTRL+ clicking the labels and then right click anywhere in the labels and choose group. In the view, all selected items are grouped together as a single mark. Also new grouped will be display in the dimension pane so that you can use in the future analysis.

Another way to create group in the view is by selecting the marks themselves not the labels. This is also called “visual grouping”. Because Tableau will automatically color the dimension members so that you can see the groups. To do this CTRL+ click individual marks to select multiple marks at once. Then right click on a selected mark and select group.

Grouping is very useful while you are working in large data sets. Tableau is allow you to that easy way. So you can easily learn to data analysis with tableau. I hope this article is useful for you. Please don’t forget to share. See you.

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