One challenging step in analyzing data can be cleaning up and organizing the underlying source data. As you remember from preivous articles, data assembling and data cleaning is important part of data analysis. In Tableau , we can make a tds file or a Tableau data source. The tds file saves the connection information and any organizational or metadata changes we make to the data. A Tableau data source does not save log in information, or vizzes that are created with the data. Tableau data source saves locally on the connection page.

Metada is information about the data for example field name, data type or default aggregation. Thanks to Tableau, we can edit these metadatas. Here what changes can we do :

  • Organize fields into folders
  • Convert fields to measures or dimensions
  • Edit default properties
  • Edit attributes

Organize Fields Into Folders : Both dimensions and measures can be organized into folders. We do this when we have a large numbers of fields, displayed in the data that we wan’t to organize. To start, click the data menu and select group by folder. Then right click to any space and click the create folder.

Then choose a name for folder. Now you can drag and drop any dimensions or measures to the folder. A folder can be expanded or contracted to simply the list.

Convert Fields To Measures Or Dimensions : Tableau automatically predicts whether your fields are dimensions or measures but sometimes you may wan’t to re-categorize a dimension as a measure or vice versa. This is can be do easily on workplace. Just choose dimension then drag and drop to measure area and it is done.

Edit Default Properties : By right-clicking on a field in the data pane, we can change the Default Properties. So every time, we bring the field into the view, it is formatted the way we described. Such as numbers, Colors or even default aggregation.

Edit Attributes : We often wan’t to change the names of database fields, because databases don’t always use human readable titles. Any of the database fields can be renamed. To change the title, right click on the any field and select rename. Then type the new title and it is done.

Today we talked about how to edit and save your data. As we know before started to data analysis we need to arrange our data source. So this procesess can be implement in tableau.

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