Sometimes you wan’t to use one part of your data. In this case you should use filter to get result what you want. In this article, We will use a filter to limit the data that you show in the view. So you can examine only the data your or others wan’t to see.

Your filtering options in tableau , vary depending on what you wan’t to show. Filter on a dimension to show a subset or part of category. Filter on a measure to show a specific range of values within data. To show filter controls for any dimensions or measures, click the field menu and select the show filter.

As you see in the above, we have sample store data sets. Lets build a data viz and implement some filtering options.

This was the basic filtering example in tableau. We can conduct this for a measure tas well. Also there a bunch of editing and formatting options to get better design.

As you see above, you can design for filter according to your needs. First of all you should determine a title for your filter. Then there are customizes options so you can change color,font,etc. Also there many options about form of show filter box. I usually use single value list because its easy to use. The most important thing is that you can determine the scope of your filter such as “only relevant values ” or ” All values in databases”. This provide to us extra flexibity. And last option is Hide card, sometimes you don’t need to show filter so in this case just use “Hide Card” option.

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