Big data is the new resource of the world. Every internet user is part of the big data. We generate it and again human being use it. It looks like intangible at first but when you go inside it is the new reality of the world. In this article we will discuss How the data can be transform the money?

Data has become fundumental piece of business. Many companies is very succesful because of they use the data itself. I am talking about Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc. I will show you a graph that related to rising up these companies.

As you see in the slide show , these company’s annual revenue consistently has risen up. Have you ever wonder why these companies so preicous. The answer is they used the big data analytics properly. The more data is more client , more data is more customer to be reach, more data is more better prediction about the market, more data is more market opportunity, finallY more proper data is more money. Do you think about that while you using google or facebook, why they always want’s to your contact information. Because they will analyze your acts, and they can be launch they product to immediately. Also they can be use your data to targeted adds. Thus the businesses can directly reach their customer without waste their money to useless advertisement. This is why they could make big money. Everybody think about the Google services is free. No it is not free, you pay with your cost, sharing your data, sharing your information or sharing your shopping habits with Google.

This is the new way of business. Every company small or big, doesn’t matter, will use the data. And they will try to make more money beacuse this is the rule of capitalism.


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