Data analytic is great but without any plan before you started the analysis, it will be useless. Therefore initially ask yourself about why i need a data analysis.

Step1: Define your goals and questions

Remember a good data analysis begin with a right questions and clear purpose. For example think that you have an online website and your viewer instantly leaves your page. You want to solve this :

Your goal: increase the spending time that once your viewers enter the you website

Your question: Why they(viewers) go out of your website? isnt your pages charming?

Step 2: What you need to measure?

In this step you need to determine what will be your measures or variables. Go back our example and define the measure. Your measaure could be clicking rates or passing time and circulation of your viewers

Step 3: Collect data

Of course for start your analysis you need to some related data. This is very important step because if you collect the useless data you will waste your time and maybe it might costly. So there many tools about this issue some analytics tool or measurements tools are easy way to that.

Step 4: Analyze data

There is bunch of tools related to analyzing. All you have to do determine one and begin the analysis. It could be R studio, Tableau, Power BI, Hadoop ecosystem etc

Step 5: Interpret Your data

Here our major. You have good, clear data and you need to some insight about your data. Data visualization ready for you. My preference is Tableau because it’s easy to use and there are many features to you create awesome charts,graphs,maps..

Lastly create your strategy and start your own analaysis.