Sometimes you can face with geographical data. Such as flight paths regionally or weather condition data. In this case visualizing map can be helpful for our analysis. In this article, we will examine the How to work with geographical data in Tableau.

Tableau is very talentful about building map. Tableau has two map types;

  • Symbol map
  • Filled maps

Symbol map uses a point to help our analysis and Filled map is basically boundaries of a geographic region filled with color.

What is geographic data ?

To start we will focus on Symbol map. But, initally we need to geographic data. Geographic data is data that describes a pyhsical location. Basicly gepgraphic data comprised with latitude and longitude coordinates. Latitudes indicates how far up or down you are from equator. It mesures your north or south coordinate. Longitude indicates how far to the left and right you are from the prime meridian. Its measures your east and west coordinate. When you combine latitude ang longitude together, it’s known as a coordinate point. This point can then be plotted anywhere on a map. To represent a known value from your data set. Also in tableau, the latitude is essentially out y-axis and the longitude is our x-axis. So when creating a map, we are baically create a scatter plot. To learn more about Scatter plot click here and go previous lesson.

Another point is that sometimes we can’t find geographic data. Bu if we have country or region names such as Asia or United states. In this situation, tableau’s robust internal database can recognize a total of eight different geographic information types. So, tableau can automatically assign the coordinate to those places. This process is called geocoding. In tableau all geocoded fields will have a globe icon associated with it.

Let’s do practice in tableau

Lets go through to do some practice. We will use the sample-store data set in this practice. You can access it from here. We will find out that which states are more profitable in the United States ? Let’s do it step by step.

After we created map, drag the profit from measures to size in the marks card. Then drag the profit to color in the marks card. you can change the shape, color and size.I changed this and we got most profitable states in the united states.

All right guys, today we discussed creating map in tableau desktop. Please be subscribe to my blog for informed offers and gifts.

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