While you are working on changes over time, you usually use the date values. But sometimes this can be problematic. Because when you expand your date into the month or day, the view will be disrupted. Here is the example of this :

This view looks like ver complicated and mixed. Anyone doesn’t want to see like this data viz. But don’t worry about that because custom dates will solve this issue. Custom dates can be created as either discrete date parts, or continuous date values.

Let’s start by creating custom continues date field. To do that, right click the dimension pane, select create and select custom date. This will show you up create custom dialog box. In this section, you should give a name and select details. The new field, under dimensions, will be appear. Notice that the icon is green. And that is okay. In the below i will show you this step by step.

Congrats! You did a good job. Now let’s build a new data view with custom date.

Please compare the custom date field vs before custom date field. As you see, the last one is offer us to more better understanding. And this is the point why we should use custom date ?

The same step is viable for discrete field. I won’t do this in this article because its nearly the same. But i want to state a point. While you are learning tableau you will see that there is no one way to do view. There are many ways to do view. The most important thing is that you should try, you should explore own your own and please do this withourt any help. You can check out the results to expert. But please do your data visualization own your own. This is the case to learn quickly the data visualization. Okay guys we are done today please subscribe to my blog and don’t miss the tableau detail. Take care

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