In this article we will learn how to build dual axis with multiple mark types. Dual axis is useful for showing how two different measures compare against each other. Dual axis chart has two separate measure axis and a single dimension axis. The measures can have the same units such as sales or profit. It can be different measures as well. Also, we can show measures with the same or different mark types. Let’s look at how it is done.

We will start by building a simple line graph, one that sales over time. And sales by order date. After that expand the order date to continuous month.

Next, let’s include another measure in the view. For instance proift. To create a dual axis chart , we can drag profit to Rows shelf, next to sales. This results in a view with two separate but similar line charts. In order to change the view to a dual axis chart, we need to right click on profit in the rows shelf, and select dual axis.

As you see, now profit is represented in the right axis. This is the very simple way to building dual axis. Thanks to dual axis you can compare each measure independently. So this can be helpful your data analysis, especially while you are doing camparison.

Alright guys we are done today. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Please don’t forget to drop comment in below.

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