In this section, we will talk about how to create a view that compares multiple measures in the same space. With using a combined axis chart. We will build shared axis chart with multiple measures as separate marks and one with stacked marks. We can build a view that compares each measure individually. By the way many people asked me for sample data sets. I shared my data sets in my website. Click this sample data sets and begin to download.

Lets say we want to analyze our each product segment with the sales. Drag the product type to columns and drag to sales to rows.

Now we want to add more measure to analyze in the same axis. Lets do this; Please note that while we are draaging other measures to axis, drop when u see two green line.

In this way, we can compare the each measures in the same view. As you can measure values and measure names created by Tableau in default. This is why Tableau easy to use. Tableau do any things properly. I want to explain what is measure names and measure values. Measure names is dimension that contains a label of for each of the measures of the data source. In this case, the dimenison includes; profit, Quantity and Sales.On the other hand Measure values is a measure that contains numerical for each measures. Measure values is on rows, giving us the axis. In this part you can add more dimension or exclude one.

Alright guys we are done today. We explained basis of the combined charts and we showed to you step by step, how you can create combined axis charts. Please don’t forget to share this learning series.Because I wan’t to reach more people to teach Tableau desktop.

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