Sometimes you need to compare two or more measures in the view. But some data can be include huge volume so you need to dive in to more. In this case all you need to that building scatter plot. Scatter Plots are charts that use position as a visual cue. Marks, often represented as dots. Its used to compare multiple measures based on where they are located. One of the advantages of using scatter plots is that you can plot a lot of data at once. And you can easily observe that spot trends, clusters or outliers. Lets pass through how to make a scatter plot ?

Scatter plots are often used to explore your data while quickly spotting clusters and outliers. We can start by asking some questions about our data. For example are they any correlation between any of our measures ? or are they any outlier in our data ?

I wanna let you know that we will use SampleStore data set. So you can ass this from clicking that; Download the SampleStore data set.

We will look at that are they any correlation between Discount and Profit.

Drag discount to Columns and drag the profit to Rows. You see that one dot beacuse tableau will automaticaly aggregate with sum.

But we don’t want to aggregate. So, click analytics pane and remove the twitch near of the aggregate measure. And change the location Discount from Columns to Rows. This view looks better.

Here we get a scatter plot. It is really easy right ? But we should add more detail to get more proper analysis. Let’s add Sub-Category to color marks. Then Change the shape with circle. And expand the size a little. Then go to edit color and add light black border to color.

Here we have proper Scatter Plot chart. Now you can easily prove an insight about the discount and profit relationship. As you see in the view, more discount doesn’t mean more profit. Also you can analyze the each sub category at the same time. Thus, you can compare both measures and sub category dimenison. It is so cool , isn’t it ? Allright guys, today we explained scatter plot chart. And we showed to you step by step how you can build a scatter plot chart. Please don’t forget to share and like this content. I want to reach more people. Now go out of here and start to make your first scatter plot chart.

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